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Vitamin D & Athletes - Are You Getting Enough?

Vitamin D & Athletes - Are You Getting Enough?

Why Is Vitamin D So Important?
Vitamin D is one of the single most important vitamins that we need in our bodies. Vitamin D helps our immune system work more efficiently to recognize self from foreign, stimulating the immune system to be on its game. Research shows many Americans are deficient in vitamin D, especially those who have tanner/darker skin. 
  • A study found those with a vitamin D level between 20 ng/mL and 30 ng/mL had a sevenfold higher risk of death than those with a level above 30 ng/mL. Having a level below 20 ng/mL was associated with a 12 times higher risk of death, compared to having a level above 30 ng/mL.
  • According to the research done by GrassrootsHealth’s panel of 48 vitamin D researchers, 40 ng/mL is the lower edge of optimal, with 60 ng/mL to 80 ng/mL being ideal for health and disease prevention,
Our Natural Athlete Vitamin D level comes in a potent 5000 IU per day dosage so you can quickly and efficiently get your numbers to the ideal range. It also has an exceptionally important K2 vitamin added. Vitamin K2 reduces the risk of calcification in arteries and other tissues. 

Why Choose Natural Athlete Supplements?

At Natural Athlete we understand the need for quality, all-natural products, and have created our very own blend of Vitamin D3/K2 to help support: 

  • Immune system function
  • Bone growth and density
  • The health of many tissues in the body, including prostate, colon, and breast 
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Healthy mood, mental clarity, and productivity
At Natural Athlete, our Vitamin D3/K2 product comes all-natural, non-GMO, GMP certified, FDA registered, BPA free, made in the USA, lab-tested, doctor-formulated, and keto-friendly.
We love our customers and believe that a healthy body is the best way to get out there to continue doing what you love, so our products have been uniquely crafted to help you do just that.
For more about our Vitamin D with K2 product, check it out in the products section of our website.