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MTHFR Genetic Variant Pack

MTHFR Genetic Variant Pack

If you are seeing this after filling out the Genetics Compatibility Quiz then your answers have indicated that you have a MTHFR genetic variant that is likely affecting your health.

If you are seeing this otherwise, please enjoy this information for your own education.

MTHFR genetic variant: the “methylation gene.”

This gene controls your ability to methylate, a key process that is crucial for genetic expression in every cell of your body, as well as detoxification, balancing biochemistry and hormones, DNA repair, etc. It determines if a gene gets turned on or off. 

Tendencies: You sometimes feel anxious and depressed but other times focused and efficient. You often feel low energy, anemia and/or have a hard time losing weight.

You may suffer from performance anxiety, a hair-trigger temper and/or headaches. You likely feel better after eating green-leafy veggies, like a salad. 

Pros: determined, alert, productive, focused, self-driven. 

Cons: depression, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, migraines, autism, pregnancy complications, anemia, weight gain, birth defects and cardiovascular conditions..

Supplement recommendations:

Methylated B’s: B9 (folate), B12 (cobalamin), B2 (riboflavin)


Natural Athlete’s Rest & Relax


Lifestyle recommendations:

Avoid folic acid! (you’ll have to read labels, it’s everywhere in processed/packaged foods)

Increase green leafy veggies (the more, the better)

Eat adequate protein (multiply your weight by 0.36 for recommended daily grams)

Drink filtered water (half your body weight in ounces, every day)

Minimize cows milk (A2 milk is typically okay)

Reduce stress (meditation, saunas, music, art, exercise, massage, etc. Natural Athlete’s Stress & Anxiety is a great option as well.)

Increase quality sleep (7.5-9 hours is ideal. Natural Athlete’s Rest and Relax will help with this.)

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