About Natural Athlete

Natural Athlete was founded by Dr. Dallas Makin after years of using many various supplements to attempt to fulfill the needs of his patients and athletes. He found that other supplements simply did not fit the higher demands of his athletes. There was an obvious void in the market for athletes that need to take supplements for injury prevention, enhanced performance, recovery, and health maintenance. Athletes need a supplement they can rely on, without having to take dozens every day.?

Dr. Makin strategically designed Natural Athlete Nutrition -an All-Natural supplement line- with ingredients and dosages that meet the higher demands of athletes.?


Each product has a unique, patient-pending, dosage recommendation to allow users to customize it to their own needs… taking all the guesswork out of it…

  • PRVNTN: this is the dosage you take if you have no injuries and are just aiming to MAINTAIN good health.
  • PRFRMNC: this is the dosage you’ll take if you have no injuries but are needing a little extra for an event or big training day.
  • RCVRY: this is the dosage you’ll take if you have an injury or pain AND/OR are trying to recover from a big event or training. Once you have recovered you can drop down to either PRVNTN or PRFRMNC dosage.


Natural Athlete Nutrition is made here in the USA, in a cGMP and FDA registered facility.

All of our products are tested and certified as the highest quality and purity.

All products are Gluten-free, with No Artificial Sweeteners, No Dyes, Non-GMO, and bottled in BPA-free bottles.