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Natural Athlete Ambassador programs embrace every individual on different levels of their fitness and healthy journey through a supportive community. We believe in creating the best nutritional supplements and vitamins in the market that reflects a passion for the body and for living an active lifestyle. We are thrilled to bring on brand ambassadors who are actively passionate about health and fitness, that know that nutrition is an integral part of your journey, and that you want to share that passion with others. 


NATURAL ATHLETE is looking for great ambassadors who love our products. We look for accounts who post regularly (6 posts per month, or more) about industry-related content, with more than 15 posts on their feed. We are looking for people who embody our industry, whether that is fitness, nutrition, sports or healthy lifestyles. 

We appreciate your support and desire to represent Natural Athlete Nutrition!


  • Images of brand ambassador endorsing Natural Athlete products will be used accordingly to promote Natural Athlete and increase ambassadors’ audience through exposure on several social media platforms including and not limited to Instagram, Website, & Facebook

  • Earn discounts on all our products

  • Share exclusive discounts and special offer codes that you can give out to your friends and family

  • Your followers save 15% using your ambassador code

  • Get Paid - Commission based. Share your exclusive “follower discount code” and individuals who use that code on Natural Athlete products; you’ll earn a (%) percentage of their total purchases (after their discount is applied) for as long as you remain a brand ambassador of Natural Athlete. Payment based on the ambassador payment schedule according to the terms of the final contract agreement. 

    • Commission Tiers: 

      • 15% of all sales to followers, up to $500 worth of sales*

      • 18% of all sales to followers, up to $1000 worth of sales*

      • 20% of all sales to followers, for over $1000 worth of sales*

  • Bragging rights

  • You’ll be using and promoting the best supplements and vitamins on the market - built for those who live an active lifestyle.


In order for us to make a decision regarding your application, please have your Instagram profile set to public, otherwise, your application may be denied. Thank you! 

  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to post about our products six (6) times a month on your Instagram feed (a mix of stories & posts) or on your Facebook timeline. 

  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to FOLLOW @naturalathletenutrition (Instagram) and Natural Athlete Nutrition (Facebook) and LIKE and Comment on posts.

  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to use, promote, and share Natural Athlete products as often as convenient. 

  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to interact, like, and comment within their own social media channels. Engagement is key. 

  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to write a review on on any/all products they have used. 

  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to repost our giveaways, contests, and other special offers. 

  • All BRAND AMBASSADORS are asked to use as many of our frequently used social hashtags, and we ask you to encourage your network to do the same: 

  • #NABrandAmbassador #naturalathletenutrition #getnaturalathlete

  • BRAND AMBASSADORS will not represent or promote other companies with competing products.

There are 3 requirements that must be met each month to qualify for commissions:

  • BRAND AMBASSADORS must post about our products six (6) times a month on their Instagram feed (a mix of stories & posts) or on their Facebook timeline. 

  • BRAND AMBASSADORS must make at least one (1) purchase on the site using their personal discount code. 

  • BRAND AMBASSADORS must have their followers use their unique “follower code” when making purchases. 

We are pumped to hear from you, please fill out the Natural Athlete Brand Ambassador application today!