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Want to tap into the $135 Billion Dollar Supplement Industry? 

Most importantly... do you want to help your athletes, clients, patients, friends and family reach their optimal health? 

NATURAL ATHLETE NUTRITION can help… not only have we created the best daily athletic supplements on the market but we’ve also created a rewarding Wholesale Program that allows you to sell these amazing products directly to your customers for a rewarding revenue. 

Why Natural Athlete?

  • Doctor Formulated: By Dr Dallas Makin, who helped the Iron Cowboy complete 50 Ironmans in 50 states in 50 straight days. So, you know these aren’t just another basic supplement… they’re strategically designed!

  • All-Natural & Effective: Dr. Makin isn’t going to put his or your reputation at stake, so you know they’re the best quality and get the best results!

  • Top Quality at an Affordable Price: comparing apples to apples- nobody comes close to our quality at our pricing. 

  • Your Customers get Preferred Pricing: We have structured our pricing so that you can sell it in your store for cheaper than your customers can find it online, keeping their loyalty with you!


Natural Athlete was founded by Dr. Dallas Makin who successfully helped the world-record holder, James Lawrence (The Iron Cowboy) complete the impossible feat of finishing 50 full Ironman-distance triathlons in 50 straight days. He has used his expertise from working with tens of thousands of patients/athletes to strategically design daily supplements that finally meet the higher needs of athletes. 

There are plenty of good supplements on the market, but they are inadequate for the higher demands of hard-working athletes. Dr. Makin created Natural Athlete to provide his athletes with quality, all-natural supplements that are more than just good, they are great. Feeding an athlete’s body what it needs on a daily basis is crucial to help athletes prevent premature breakdown, perform at a higher level, and recover faster. And now you can share them with your athletes too!

Natural Athlete supplements are specifically designed to optimize the prevention, performance, and recovery of all athletes, whether a weekend warrior or a world record holder. 


  1. To Join you must fill out the application below. Upon approval, we will send you a wholesale account code. You will use that code for all orders. 

  2. To activate your account and have access to wholesale pricing your initial order must be at least $300 in product. 

  3. After the initial order, you may order in any quantity or price total. 

  4. Products must be physically sold in your own brick and mortar building. No selling online, etc. 

  5. You must sell the products in your store at the suggested retail pricing we give you. This keeps it a fair market and protects all of our wholesale partners, including you. 

        *If we find any variance from the suggested pricing or any online sales, your account may be suspended or canceled.