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DAO Genetic Variant Pack

DAO Genetic Variant Pack

If you are seeing this after filling out the Genetics Compatibility Quiz then your answers have indicated that you have a DAO genetic variant that is likely affecting your health.

If you are seeing this otherwise, please enjoy this information for your own education.

DAO genetic variant: 

Affects your reaction to histamine (whose primary source is from food) making you really sensitive to certain foods, chemicals and environments. 

Tendencies: You are extremely sensitive to foods and find that it is difficult to trust foods unless you know exactly what’s in them. You likely suffer from seasonal allergies and feel sensitive to a large variety of things in your environment (pets, pollens, etc.).

Pros: acutely aware of allergens and unhealthy chemicals. 

Cons: food allergies, seasonal allergies, pregnancy complications, leaky gut, sensitive to chemicals, prone to autoimmune conditions. 

Supplement recommendations:

Natural Athlete’s Anti Inflam (take with food if the food is causing the histamine reaction, without food if it is some other source).

Natural Athlete’s Probiotics.


Natural Athlete’s Vitamin D3 w/ K2 and calcium 


Natural Athlete’s Natural G.I. Cleanse

Natural Athlete’s Omega 3’s. 

Lifestyle recommendations: 

Cleanse the G.I. of pathogens (Natural Athlete’s Natural G.I. Cleanse).

Fix leaky gut (Take Anti-Inflam, Probiotics, L Glutamine, Vit D3 w/ K2, and avoid inflammatory foods).

Avoid leftovers (the longer they sit, the worse they are for you).

Avoid cured and fermented foods (such as citrus, fish, wine, cheese, yogurt, sauerkraut and alcohol)

Avoid high-histamine foods (any foods that cause you to feel congested, tired, bloated, etc.).

Reduce stress (meditation, saunas, music, art, exercise, massage, etc. Natural Athlete’s Stress & Anxiety is a great option as well).

Increase quality sleep (7.5-9 hours is ideal. Natural Athlete’s Rest and Relax will help with this).

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