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Slow MAOA Genetic Variant Pack

Slow MAOA Genetic Variant Pack

If you are seeing this after filling out the Genetics Compatibility Quiz then your answers have indicated that you have a slow MAOA genetic variant that is likely affecting your health.

If you are seeing this otherwise, please enjoy this information for your own education.

MAOA genetic variant: 

Affects your dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin levels. Plays a major role in mood swings, self-confidence, addictive behavior, energy level, sleep, and carb cravings. 

Tendencies: (fast MAOA): You are likely a carbo-holic. You feel blue without them but then even worse moments after eating them. You may feel out of control with food cravings, which leads to feeling depressed.

(slow MAOA): You are likely easily anxious, startled, and can overreact easily. You have a hard time falling asleep but sleep pretty well once you do. Too much cheese, chocolate or wine can trigger headaches.  

Pros: High energy, self-confidence, focused, productive. 

Cons: mood swings, carb cravings, irritable, headaches, insomnia, addictions. 

Supplement recommendations:

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 


Natural Athlete’s Anti Inflam 

Natural Athlete’s Omega-3’s 

Natural Athlete’s Calm and Focused 

Lifestyle recommendations:

Eat adequate protein (multiply your weight by 0.36 for recommended daily grams)

Increase fiber in your diet (Best source: a wide variety of vegetables. Natural Athlete’s Natural G.I. Cleanse is also a good source).

Reduce stress (meditation, saunas, music, art, exercise, massage, etc. Natural Athlete’s Stress & Anxiety is a great option as well).

Increase quality sleep (7.5-9 hours is ideal. Natural Athlete’s Rest and Relax will help with this).

Talk to your doctor about avoiding the following medications, as they negatively react with a slow MAOA: SSRIs, Testosterone and Thyroid Meds, Natural Athlete’s Rest and Relax (this supplement is ideal for fast MAOA but not for slow), Tyrosine, Inositol. 


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