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Times like these prove just how important it is to keep a healthy immune system! An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

In simple words, keeping your immune system healthy is key to preventing several infections and diseases. We created the immune stack to provide the perfect combination of natural immune supports supplements… in one money-savings stack.

These are some of the natural immune health products best known for their immune-boosting potential. We recommend clicking on the link of each product for individually detailed information. Stay healthy and stay happy :)


Vitamin D3 w/ K2

Helps the immune system recognize self vs. foreign.


Anti Inflam 

Weakens pathogens & aids healthy lymphatics.

This stack includes the 120 count sized bottle.



Majority of the immune system is in the gut.


Active Men’s/Women’s Multi 

All-in-one: Uit’s, min’s, antioxidants, hormone & energy support.

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1. What is the name of the supplement?

The supplement is called IMMUNE SYSTEM STACK.


2. Why is it important to maintain a healthy immune system?

A healthy immune system helps prevent illnesses and infections, making it easier to stay healthy and active.


3. What is the role of Vitamin D3 w/ K2 in this supplement?

Vitamin D3 w/ K2 helps the immune system recognize self vs. foreign.


4. How does Anti Inflam help in boosting the immune system?

Anti Inflam helps weaken pathogens & aids healthy lymphatics, which in turn can boost the immune system.


5. What is the role of Probiotics in this supplement?

Probiotics help promote a healthy gut, where the majority of the immune system resides.


6. What is included in the Active Men’s/Women’s Multi in this supplement?

The Active Men’s/Women’s Multi is an all-in-one supplement that includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, hormone & energy support.


7. In what ways does this supplement stack offer greater nutritional value compared to other individual supplements?

This supplement provides a unique combination of ingredients that specifically target and support the immune system, including Vitamin D3 w/ K2, Anti Inflam, Probiotics, and Active Men’s/Women’s Multi. Additionally, the ingredients are carefully selected and formulated to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness.


8. From an athlete's perspective, how can this stack benefit their immune system?

Athletes who are training intensely are more susceptible to illnesses and infections, so maintaining a strong immune system is crucial. This supplement can help support the immune system by providing the necessary vitamins, minerals, and probiotics needed for optimal health.